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2007 Reunion--Skye Richendrfer at the Banquet
LCP-AUAP-Facebook Ad 1
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-10-06 Rock Surface Run 232 El.302
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-11-10 Lake Shannon (with railroad trestle)
1947 Blue Barnacles
Crystal Falls on Whatcom Creek.
Native American beach encampment and canoes with Pacific American Fisheries cannery to left
The façade of the newly-constructed BPOE building is decked in bunting, with vacant lots on either side of building, Bellingham, WA
Woman in formal riding costume with jodhpurs and jacket stands next to horse
Viking 1 design and development
1971 Old Main
Motorized cannery machinery
Executives of Bloedel-Donovan Lumber Mill: J.H. Bloedel, Peter Larson, J.J. Donovan (copies from book)
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-08-21 Dam Site- Upstream view of river
Gloripallium pallium
Viqueen Lodge
1976 Volleyball Team
New Whatcom, 1892
Page 92
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Women Walking on the Beach
1993 Stephanie Seibert
Small waves lap on shore with many driftwood logs scattered along beach, fishtraps extending into water on left
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-06-15 2nd Floor Power House
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Group of men, women, and one girl stand near small bonfire in woods
1959 Art Work
2007 Exhibit--Ted Mork and David Maness
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Hall of Fame Plaque: Dan Gagnon, Track and Field, Men's Basketball, Football, Class of 1978
Breaking Ground for Elks Home June 10 1912
Page 54
Dorothy Riddle on Androgyny
Hall of Fame Plaque: Joe Moses, Men's Basketball (Guard), Class of 1985
First run of the Bellingham ferry, Victoria. View from deck of ship of large crowd gathered on Quackenbush Warehouse dock, with city of Bellingham, WA, in background
1926 Play Day Picnic
Studio portrait of unidentified man in suit with moustache
School children posing in front of school
1938 Volleyball Team
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-09-07 Reinf Steel Intake Foundation
1938 Frank Chorvat
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, 1958
Basketball (Men's): Signed basketball, undated
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-11-19 Railroad trestle along river
View from across water of seaside village with fish cannery facilities and pier
Move In 2020 3
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-06-14 Rock Surface Run #133 El.263
Postcard of five workers waist-deep in huge bin of empty metal food cans and paper, next to several workers standing in front of warehouse or factory
1972 Environmental Studies Building
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1967 Reading Center
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1976 WWSC vs. Central Washington State College
1949 Sharon Wallace, Student Teacher, With Students
1979 Margaret Howard
1948 Fifth Grade Classroom
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Fairhaven High School students pose outside school
Football Photograph and Jersey: Photograph of Michael Koenen and Jersey #19, list of             honors and awards, 2002/2004
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Boatbuilding operation showing two boats under construction surrounded by scaffolding, ramps and lumber
A man stands at base of tree in grove of tall evergreens
Golf (Men's) Certificate: Capital One Academic All-American Team, Xavier Dailly, 2010/2011
Page 82
Home - The Azores, Portugal
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1943 Campus School Building Northwest Facade
Trees and rocks along shoreline of Puget Sound waters below Chuckanut Mountain
Unidentified man looking out across water towards snow-covered mountain range
1993 Library: Reference Room
1965 Girls Sports Team
1966 Kindergarten Class with Synva Nicol
Workers dump salmon from fishtrap net into barge as ferry passengers watch in background
2007 Reunion--Jeanette Morse and Bob Morse at the Banquet
Catherine Deming
Postcard of food processing machinery, possibly for salmon canning
Storefront of Underwood & Minturn selling hardware, stoves, tinware, with several men in suits standing in front of both doorways, goods and merchandise on display in windows
1970 Students Outside Ridgeway Dormitories
1935 Ruth Van Pelt
Item 54130 (verso)
Oliva miniacea
1936 Associated Students Board of Control
Woman in formal riding costume with jodhpurs, jacket, and boots sits atop horse
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1970 Miller Hall: Interior
1974 Environmental Studies Building Dedication
Lounging on the Beach
1967 Reading Center
John Leonard Snyder and Olive Axtell Snyder pose in seated studio portrait
1956 Memory Walk
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-07-09 Reinforcing Steel 4th Floor
1971 Nash Hall
Soccer (Women's) Trophy: Northwest Collegiate Conference Champion, 1983/1984
Moisant 29 - Early model single-winged airplane with small propeller sits on grass field, surrounded by crowd of people
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Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-08-10 Rock Surface Run #18(3) E. Side
Two men standing, one man seated, pose for portrait
Viking Launch 2017
1948 Girls Playing Basketball
1200 Block, Grant St
"The Mediterranean of the Pacific" (Negative copy of article from Harper's New Monthly Magazine)
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Page 38
1987 WWU vs. Central Washington University
Log cabin on Oat Coles Road
1945 Library: North Doors in Snow
1906 Library
1966 Fifth Grade Class with Milton Towne
Unidentified forest scene.
Aliger gigas
1965 Fine Arts Building
1988 Kris Keltner
Page 16
View of grounds and facilities of lumber company
Page 51
1998 Jen Brandolini
Hexaplex erythrostomus
1991 Denise Dodge and Tamara Locke
1967 Fourth Grade Classroom
Crowds on Dock (Cornwall) for 1912 marathon
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-05-29 Fibre Conduits Power House
1950 Homecoming
Page 30
1972 Historic Tree
L.A. Thomas ranch
1961 Facade From Across High Street
Cyrus Gates' reservoir
Blue Barnacles Swim Club, Swimmer Posing in Pool
Everett B. Deming, President of Pacific American Fisheries, and Arthur Deming, General Manager, sit behind large desk in office, with three men standing behind them
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-04-23 Scaffold Frames Upstream Face of Dam
1975 Students in Library
page 14
Ships docked at Bloedel-Donovan Lumber Mills on Bellingham Bay
Fairhaven High School football team practice
Two rows of young men, possibly students
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-07-21 Concrete Surface Run #168 EL.3815
Page 24
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1981 Nursing Students
Page 23
Pacific American Fisheries office employees of PAF headquarters at 401 Harris Avenue, Bellingham, Washington
1988 Western Invitational Track and Field Meet
1944 Work Room Cabinets
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-10-04 Tail Race Fish Trap Entrance
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-07-02 Concrete Surface Run #151 El.346.0
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-12-08 Lake Shannon
Woman standing on pier with Mt Baker visible in the distance
Man sits between two smiling young women at construction site
1948 They Learn To Type Early
Pacific American Fisheries brick headquarters at Harris Avenue and 4th Street in Fairhaven
Blue Barnacles Swim Club, Performers from the Blue Barnacles Swim Club in Starburst Formation
1980 WWU vs. Lewis-Clark State College
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Hall of Fame Plaque: Gerry Swan, Track and Field (Distance), Class of 1992
Two workers brailing salmon into holding scow
Item 52310 (recto)
1979 Wendy Wefer
Confluence of Green River (left) and North Fork Toutle River, showing mudflow.
1965 Women's Residence Hall
1947 Men's Residence Hall: Living Room
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-10-06 Pier
Studio portrait of Sally Thompson
1948 Keith Booman and Larry Wilson in Chemistry Laboratory
1956 Edens Hall North: Main Lounge
Sailing bark "William A. Campbell" at anchor in Bellingham Bay [MISSING]
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1913 Basketball Girls (Freshmen)
Louis Kotsogeanes
1986 WWU vs. University of Washington
1950 Weaving
1948 Main Building: Entrance
View of fishing boats and a steamship
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-06-16 Rock Surface Run #135 El.274
Wharf-side business district of LaConner at low tide
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-08-06 Tail Race Excavation
1984 Cheryl Boxx
Portrait of unidentified woman
Governor Dixie Lee Ray
1950 Library: Loan Desk
Pacific American Fisheries cannery on Bellingham Bay
1976 Karen Key-Rowell
Page 35
1936 Football Team
Studio portrait of seated child in christening gown
Page 8
1984 Joan Williamson and Kristy Dees
Unknown 66
1985 Paul Ford with G. Robert Ross
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Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-12-07 Rock Surface East Side
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Wrestling (Men's) Photograph: Lee Anderson, NAIA Wrestling Champions, 1971
Young woman in graduation cap and gown at University of Washington
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