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Hall of Fame Plaque: Stan Peterson, Men's Basketball (Guard), Class of 1988
Football Trophy: Evergreen Conference Co-Champions, 1952
Sexual Minorities Rap Group
Off-campus housing: Bedroom
Machinery removing logs from immense jam at east end of Swift Reservoir.
Ninth Annual Gay Awareness Symposium
Man in military uniform
Hall of Fame Plaque: Brandi Stevenson, Track and Field, Class of 2013
1931 Sophomore Speedball
Chopping wood is warm work
Forest St.
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Conference Championship, 1948
President Gerald Ford
Viking 1 design and development
Women's Sophomore Archery Club
Hall of Fame Plaque: Ralph Vernacchia, Coach, Class of 1988
Colored ponds with Coldwater Lake in background. Barren hillsides reflected in lake.
Track and Field (Men's) Baton: National Champions 4x800, baton (side 2), 1981
Baseball Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, 1961