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C.E. Taylor, Katherine Wardner and others, Squalicum, New Whatcom, 1893
Storefront of Underwood & Minturn selling hardware, stoves, tinware, with several men in suits standing in front of both doorways, goods and merchandise on display in windows
Studio portrait of Rita Christopher
Studio portrait of Rita Christopher
Mr. Jorgan Anderson and Mrs. Hilda (Lind) Anderson stand in studio wedding portrait
View from across a field of Equality Farm's multiple buildings on hillside
Very crowded beach at Nome, Alaska, covered with canvas tents, piles of supplies, canoes, buildings and people
Very crowded street scene in Nome, Alaska, with throngs of men, a few women, horses and wagons filling the street
Sehome, Wash. 1889 - View from hillside of village of Sehome with Bellingham Bay shoreline
Fairhaven - View of South Hill, south Bellingham, from above rooftops of Pacific American Fisheries facilities