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Barquentine "E.R. Sterling" off Waitemata Harbor, Auckland, New Zealand
Man displays Holstein cow with thick collar and large bell
Five men, a woman and a child standing in a pasture with four cows and a calf, mostly Holsteins, and one horse.
Beach covered with logs and driftwood, with barns and corral in background
Large Holstein bull stands in corner of paddock with man standing behind
1919 Baseball Girls
Sunset from Chuckanut Drive
Whatcom Creek Bridge above powerhouse containment dam
1919 May Festival of Bellingham
Flatbed GMC truck with "General Hauling" painted along side of bed sitting at street curb
1919 Ida Agnus Baker
Klipsun, 1919
Women at the YWCA cottage on Lummi Island
A group of sixteen men, ten women and six children in three rows
1919 May Festival