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Hall of Fame Plaque: Dan Gagnon, Track and Field, Men's Basketball, Football, Class of 1978
Rowing Plaque: Western Intercollegiate Rowing Championships, 2nd place, 1978
Basketball (Women's) Jersey: #20, Jo Metzger, 1978/1981
Hall of Fame Plaque: Dick Bruland, Football (Halfback), Class of 1978
Basketball (Women's) Photograph: Jo Metzger, Forward, 1978/1981
Hall of Fame Plaque: Roger Repoz, Baseball (Pitcher), Class of 1978
Oil in Washington Waters: Boon or Bane?
Basketball (Women's) Jersey: #20, Jo Metzger, photograph, list of accomplishments, 1978/1981
Hall of Fame Plaque: William Tomaras, Administrator, Class of 1978
The Electric Railway Era in Northwest Washington, 1890-1930