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Football Plaque: American Football Coaches Association, Erik Totten, Return             Specialist, AFCA Coaches All-American Football Team Division 2, 2000
Basketball (Women's) Jersey: #32, Celeste Hill, 1996/2000
Football Certificate: Verizon Academic All-American Team, Erik Totten,             2001/2002
Hall of Fame Plaque: Peter LaBarge, Football (Kicker, Punter), Men's Soccer, Class of 2000
Football Photograph: Chain Crew, Civic Stadium, undated
Hall of Fame Plaque: Larry Nielson, Cross-Country Running, Track and Field, Class of 2000
Basketball (Women's) Photograph: Celeste Hill, #32, 1996/2000
Basketball (Men's) Photograph: Jared Stevenson, WWU all-time leading scorer, 1999/2000
Football Plaque: NCAA Statistical Champion, Kickoff Returns, 2000
Football Trophy: Columbia Football Association Co-Champions, 2000
Basketball (Women's) Trophy: NCAA Division 2 championship semifinals, 2000
Basketball (Women's) Plaque: Kodak All-America Team, NCAA Division 2, Celeste Hill, 2000
Hall of Fame Plaque: Lorrie Post-Hodge, Vollyeball (Outside Hitter), Class of 2000
Basketball (Women's) Jersey and Photograph: #32, photograph of Celeste Hill, list of accomplishments, 1996/2000